Miyawaki Sakura Has Reportedly Signed Her Contract With HYBE And Will Join Source Music’s New Girl Group

She’ll be part of the new girl group.

Miyawaki Sakura has reportedly agreed to her contract with HYBE and will join Source Music‘s new girl group.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, Sakura will be signing with HYBE and join Source Music’s new girl group in earnest. Sakura’s transfer to HYBE has been well documented in the media since the conclusion of IZ*ONE‘s activities,, but it took time to sort out the differences between HYBE and Sakura’s Japanese agency, as the issue of Sakura’s portrait and trademark rights in Japan had to be clearly laid out and resolved.

With Sakura joining HYBE, Source Music’s girl group will be headlined by Sakura, Kim Chaewon who will be transferring from Woollim Entertainment, and former Pledis Entertainment trainee Huh Yunjin. In addition, Kim Minju‘s addition into the group is currently foggy at best, with reports that she would prefer promoting as an actress. Source Music’s girl group is planning to have six members — three former IZ*ONE members and three trainees.

HYBE has yet to confirm the news of Sakura’s signing.

Source: Star News