Los Angeles Dodgers’ Justin Turner Lives His “Y/N Moment” With ENHYPEN

He’s an ENGENE!

On August 19, ENHYPEN visited the MLB (Major League Baseball) team Los Angeles Dodgers in California to throw the first pitch for the LA Dodgers vs. Miami Marlins game!

The group helped celebrate Korean Heritage Night, and the members even received their own custom uniforms.

K-pop sensation ENHYPEN visited Dodger Stadium to celebrate Korean Heritage Night and throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

The Los Angeles Dodgers franchise, with seven World Series championships and 24 National League pennants since its beginnings in Brooklyn in 1890, is committed to a tradition of pride and excellence. The Dodgers are dedicated to supporting a culture of winning baseball, providing a first-class, fan-friendly experience at Dodger Stadium, and building a strong partnership with the community. With the highest cumulative fan attendance in Major League Baseball history, and a record of breaking barriers, the Dodgers are one of the most cherished sports franchises in the world.

— LA Dodgers

ENHYPEN met fans and players, and it turns out some of the Dodgers are fans themselves!

While the Dodgers have been feeding us so well with ENHYPEN updates…

American professional baseball third baseman Justin Turner also shared his own video across social media of his meeting ENHYPEN.

| @redturn.2/TikTok

He appeared to be a true fan, too, as he tagged the group and hashtagged all members’ names. Yet, that’s not all.

| @redturn.2/TikTok

Netizens noticed that among the many hashtags were “#Engene” (ENHYPEN’s fandom) and “#YNMoment.”

| @redturn.2/TikTok

#YNMoment, of course, means “Y/N Moment.” On TikTok, the hashtag is used to share fan interactions that appear straight out of fanfiction.


two and a half years later it happened again <33 @jypestraykids #straykids #maniactour #straykidsconcert #straykidsinoakland #hyunjin #hwanghyunjin #ynmoment #kpop #kpopconcert

♬ Play with Fire (feat. Yacht Money) – Sam Tinnesz

In the fanfiction genre, many revolve around an original character, usually titled “Y/N” (Your Name), representing the reader usually interacting and developing a relationship with one’s bias.

| OverBakedDinoNuggets/Reddit

So, Justin Turner is living every ENGENE’s dream.

Watch Justin Turner’s video below.


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♬ Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

Source: @redturn.2

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