Agency Under Fire For Giving A Taken One-Alphabet Stage Name To Upcoming Idol

The idol with the original stage name is still active.

MLD Entertainment and KAMP Global recently teased a new boy group, New:ID. The group will consist of 5 Filipino trainees, and they will promote in both Korea and the Philippines.

One of the members, L, drew attention for his stage name. His agency had decided on a stage name that overlaps with an existing idol’s stage name. Infinite’s L, birth name Kim Myungsoo, debuted in 2010.

Infinite’s L.

As he is still very much active in the industry, fans wondered why MLD Entertainment chose this stage name for L.

The choice for his stage name likely derives from his real name, Josh Labing-isa. He competed under the name “Josh L.” At that point in time, there were other contestants with the name “Josh,” hence the attachment of his last name.

In his new group, with no one with an overlapping name, fans questioned why he had to go with the stage name “L.” They called out the agency for their “disrespect” to Infinite’s L.

Another pointed out that stage names were often used to create distinction between idols. For example, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa chose her stage name for two reasons. Firstly, her real name, Hyejin, was too common. Next, Hwasa means to shine bright.

Others pointed out that with 26 letters in the alphabet, MLD Entertainment could’ve easily found another letter for him.

Thankfully, most criticism has been directed to the company and not the star.

MLD Entertainment has yet to respond to the criticism.