Court Rulings Order MLD Entertainment To Pay Former MOMOLAND’s Daisy, MLD Entertainment Files An Appeal

They have appealed.

MLD Entertainment and former MOMOLAND member Daisy were embroiled in a court case previously after she left the company. Back then, Daisy revealed that MLD Entertainment had included the production costs of their debut reality survival program, Finding Momoland, into the trainees’ debt. She had then sued MLD Entertainment.

As of October 10, 2021, courts ruled in favor partially of Daisy in her settlement suit and ordered MLD Entertainment to pay her ₩79.3 million KRW (about $66,200 USD). This fee consists of her share of the production costs for Finding Momoland, as well as an additional ₩10.0 million KRW (about $8,360 USD) in alimony.

Daisy had argued that she only signed an exclusive contract with MLD Entertainment after the show, hence it would be unfair to cover the expenses. However, MLD Entertainment retorted that it was common practice in the industry, and that there was a previous contract that determined the participants would cover the production costs. The alimony was also denied as MLD Entertainment declared Daisy had breached the contract and hence they had suffered losses.

The court ruled in Daisy’s favor partially stating there was no clear evidence to support it as common practice and clarified that the contract, even if it begins from pre-debut, starts from the date of signing. The show started months before Daisy had signed the exclusive management contract. The court also ruled for MLD Entertainment to pay Daisy ₩13.0 million KRW (about $10,900 USD) in unpaid salary.

MLD Entertainment has since filed an appeal against this outcome.

Source: YTN