Mnet Announces They Will Stop Producing Audition Programs

Mnet will no longer be making audition programs.

Mnet‘s Head of Content Management announced at the 78th Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) Conference that the broadcasting channel will stop producing audition programs following the aftermath of the Produce series manipulation scandals.

At the conference, Mnet’s Head of Content Management Kang Ji Hoon spoke about the company’s plans for their future programs.

We will be suspending the production of audition programs. We are trying to create contents that are more focused on music.

— Kang Ji Hoon

It was pointed out by another attendee at the conference that Mnet recently just completed their latest survival program, TOO:World Class, amidst the vote manipulation controversy, but Kang Ji Hoon addressed those concerns.

Although the voting method (having viewers vote) is similar, we (Mnet) are not handling the votes, so we have prevented the issue of vote manipulation.

— Kang Ji Hoon

During the meeting, the KCSC demanded Mnet to submit their data in order to verify their claims, and once the data is submitted and analyzed, they will hold another meeting. In the meanwhile, Mnet has already halted the production of their most recently announced audition program, Teen Singer.

Source: Yonhap