What’s Going On Between FNC Entertainment And “Boys Planet” Contestant Na Kamden’s Father?

Following FNC’s new statement, Kamden’s father addressed the company’s behavior!

Although Mnet‘s Boys Planet has ended and the final lineup for ZEROBASEONE was announced, the other trainees who appeared on the show have continued to gain attention and popularity.

One of those contestants that have been a fan favorite, especially in the final episodes, was FNC Entertainment‘s trainee Na Kamden.

“Boys Planet” contestant Na Kamden | Mnet

Kamden made his first appearance alongside fellow fan favorite Jay Chang in performing “Rush Hour.” Throughout the series, he showcased his talent and the visuals and proportions FNC is known for.


Despite his visuals, Kamden was seemingly under the radar at the start of the series. Yet, almost overnight, Na Kamden shocked fans when his ranking skyrocketed. Despite not having as much screen time, the FNC trainee went from being ranked at 82 to making it into the top 20.

Kamden’s initial ranking | theqoo
Na Kamden’s ranking rose massively during the recent round | theqoo

With the idol’s rising popularity, like all the contestants, netizens wanted to know about Kamden’s family. While it took until the middle of the series to see Kamden’s twin brother…

“Boys Planet” Contestant Na Kamden Finally Introduces The World To His Twin Brother — And He’s Just As Handsome

One person who made himself known to netizens was Kamden’s father Brandon. Kamden’s father initially gained attention for supporting Kamden and other trainees, and interacting with the fans on social media.

At the end of March, Na Kamden’s father did a Twitter Space with fans to chat about the idol. While many enjoyed the heartfelt stories about the trainee, many shared their concerns that he was talking about other contestants on the show, including PENTAGON‘s Hui.


KAMDENS DAD IS SO SO WRONG FOR THAT…. #kamden #boysplanet #hesgoingtojail #hecannotbefr

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Although some of the comments were from leaked private conversations, netizens shared their thoughts about the comments. Kamden’s father responded, sharing how the comments were taken out of context and that he wasn’t criticizing Hui’s talent, just his motive on the show.

It wasn’t surprising that fans worried following the broadcast as they didn’t want it to negatively impact Kamden. In particular, during the Twitter Space, Kamden even phoned his father to seemingly stop him from saying anything else.

Following the live spaces, fans shared their own reactions. While Kamden’s father had been known to share positive messages with fans, he also addressed the hate comments about him, even fanbases of other contestants who hadn’t mentioned his name.

A reply from Kamden’s father to a netizen

After a post was shared on Reddit, with netizens’ criticism of the comments, Kamden’s father addressed the issue in his own post, including all the allegations against him about the “hate” comments towards other contestants.

I’m not guilty of ever criticizing a single contestant publicly. And the only person I’ve raised a tiny bit of concern in private was Hui. And honestly, I’m so sorry Hui and this is possibly the 18th or 19th time I’ve apologized because I am sorry for even questioning in my head about you rejoining as a potential K-Pop debutante.

— Kamden’s father’s response in the Reddit post

This is Kamden’s Dad
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On April 25 (KST), FNC made a statement regarding Kamden’s father and his comments.

According to the statement, FNC explained that they were made aware of the information being spread. They added that Kamden’s mother had had full custody of him since his parents divorced and that the company was following the father’s activities online and requested he stop making the comments.

This notice is regarding the father of trainee Na Kamden who appeared on “Boys Planet.” We have been made aware and confirmed that trainee Na Kamden’s father has been sharing unnecessary and inappropriate information about the trainee and the company on his personal social media platforms. Please note that Na Kamden’s mother has full custody of Na Kamden, and he has not been residing with his father since the parents’ divorce. Since February of 2023, and throughout “Boys Planet” and its finale, we have been monitoring the father’s activities and sincerely requesting him to refrain from continuing.

— FNC Entertainment

They added that despite asking Kamden’s father to stop revealing information, he went against their requests and has caused difficulties for both the trainee and his family. They also confirmed neither the company nor Kamden is associated with the claims and would be taking action against them.

Na Kamden’s father, however, has decided against acknowledging our requests and has continued for several months. Na Kamden and other family members have been enduring a lot of difficulties. Hence, we have decided his behavior can no longer be tolerated. We hereby state that neither Na Kamden nor FNC Entertainment is associated in any way with the claims made by Na Kamden’s father via his social media platforms. And we will be taking action against any issues that arise as a result of such claims.

— FNC Entertainment

FNC’s statement | FNC Entertainment

Below the statement, Kamden’s father addressed it in a thread, speaking about FNC’s alleged lack of skills regarding visibility with its artists.

He also claimed that the company had tried to break the family apart and is now using “Unethical” means to manipulate Kamden.

Following the statement, Kamden’s father also did another live broadcast discussing the situation. While the audio is no longer available, many heard what he had to say, even as he interacted with fans who joined the audio.

He explained that Kamden had been brought into the FNC office and was told by the CEO that “His father is crazy,” leading to them not wanting to sign a contract with him.

Kamden’s father then went on to say they never wanted a contract with FNC, describing it as the “Worst K-Pop company in the world when it comes to marketing.” With the statement, he revealed that everything he had said was truthful.

The now-deleted Twitter Space where Kamden’s father addressed the statement | Twitter

While Kamden may not have made the final ZEROBASEONE lineup, netizens believe that the trainee has huge potential. Netizens have shared their relief that FNC has issued a statement as they are worried it may impact Kamden’s future if his father continues to make statements.

There is no doubt that Kamden has a bright future, and FNC’s recent statement seemingly shows their confidence in the trainee to take such strong measures to protect him.

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