Mnet Officially Announces The First 13 Contestants Appearing On “Queendom Puzzle” — Netizens React

From experienced idols to rookies, the first lineup is so talented!

A previous version of the article contained a typo that accidentally omitted Purple Kiss Yuki’s name, but that has been corrected.

After recent reality shows such as Kingdom, Queendom, Boys Planet, and Girls Planet 999, Mnet is returning with a new show called Queendom Puzzle.

The teaser for Mnet’s “Queendom Puzzle” | Mnet

Unlike Queendom, which focused on mainly groups, along with one soloist in both seasons, Queendom Puzzle seems to feature individual artists from girl groups competing to form a special unit group.

One of the teasers for the show | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

Mnet officially announced the first 13 idols participating through two unique performances on M Countdown.

The first lineup was split into two groups ahead of the first battle. One of the groups was called PICK-CAT, and they performed an intense and powerful song called “SNAP.” Along with veteran idol WJSN‘s Yeoreum and CLC‘s Yeeun, other members were Cherry Bullet‘s Bora and Chaerin, h1-KEY‘s Riina, Purple Kiss’ rapper Yuki, and LIGHTSUM‘s Sangah.

The performance was bold and sexy, showcasing the diversity of all the idols in the group, no matter when they debuted or how old they were.

Of course, the comments were full of netizens gushing over the group as the idols put on a hot, sassy, and powerful performance for fans.

In contrast, the second performance with the other contestants was much brighter.

The team named “PICK on the Top” performed a track called “Charismatic.”While Weeekly‘s Jihan and Soeun were put together along with Wooyeon and Nana from Woo!ah!, Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon and TripleS‘s Jiwoo were representing their group alone.

They showcased a much brighter and fresh concept compared to the first team.

After watching the video, netizens couldn’t hide how well the idols had done, focusing on the lineup featuring members of TripleS, Woo!ah!, Weeekly, and Cherry Bullet! 

Although some fans have mixed thoughts on the show, especially considering Mnet’s reputation, the performances have undoubtedly excited fans to see what to expect and who the rest of the contestants are.

Source: Mnet K-Pop and Mnet K-Pop
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