Mnet Gets Criticized For Their Editing With Lee Chaeyeon On “Street Woman Fighter”

“Mnet, do better.”

Mnet is starting to receive backlash for using an interesting narrative that’s been seen in their previous survival programs.

“Street Woman Fighter” poster | Mnet

Street Woman Fighter has become one of the most watched programs in South Korea, with the top women dancers fighting to win the overall victory in the show. As the nation’s most talented dancers compete on survival program, Lee Chaeyeon has quickly become one of the most talked about contestants. While the former IZ*ONE member has been formerly known for her dancing abilities, she is slowly becoming known for her “weak” image on the program.

As the other dancers and participants constantly pick Lee Chaeyeon as the “weakest link,” netizens have begun to notice that Mnet shifted their attention to Lee Chaeyeon and her doubtful nature.

Lee Chaeyeon: “I look weak.” | Mnet

One particular netizen shared their opinion onto an online community, expressing their disappointment in the sudden shift in Street Woman Fighter and how they are focusing on Lee Chaeyeon’s “weakness,” rather than focusing on the talented dancers.

This sparked a debate online as many netizens agreed that Mnet is doing what they had previously done in their Produce 101 series. Others commented that Mnet’s editing is reflecting poorly on Lee Chaeyeon, who has started to become the target of malicious comments after her appearance on the show.

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  • “It’s weird that they’re trying to do a ‘growth’ narrative with this show. It’s not basic skills nor are the dancers going to have a sudden growth in their abilities within a couple days. The producers are the odd ones for doing it.”
  • “Chaeyeon did a good job with her dancing, but the Mnet editing is making her the target of hate comments. She danced well.”
  • “Mnet, do better. I feel bad for the participants. You gathered all of the most talented dancers in one place and for what.”
  • “Don’t hate on the participants.”
  • “I did wonder if they have to edit it like that every time Chaeyeon gets air time.”
  • “I don’t understand why Lee Chaeyeon is getting so much hate? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ because of Mnet’s editing, random people are receiving hate.”
  • “I think Chaeyeon gets too much screen time. Instead, I want other dancers and their performances to be shown.”
Lee Chaeyeon crying on “Street Woman Fighter.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Mnet inserted a “weak” narrative into their survival program. Previously in Produce 101Kim Sohye gained a lot of attention for her Cinderella story on the show. She shocked viewers when it was revealed that her agency was actually an acting agency, which meant her singing and dancing abilities were not prioritized. This meant that she competed on Produce 101 without any training in singing or dancing — which was what the show was about.

Kim Sohye on “Produce 101” | Mnet

Kim Sohye may have started on the bottom, but she quickly went on to become widely loved by the nation, as her skills and ranking started to increase with each episode. She eventually made it all the way to the end and became a member of the project girl group, I.O.I.

I.O.I | CJ E&M

And while Produce 101 was all about training and improving, the plot of Street Woman Fighter is a little different. The dance program is about the nation’s best dancers competing with other amazing dancers to see who comes out on top. Which may be the exact reason why netizens are having a hard time understanding why Mnet is trying to use Kim Sohye’s narrative with Lee Chaeyeon.

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There’s only been two episodes released and the tensions have remained at an all-time high with the program, so be sure to stay tuned for future episodes. In the meantime, you can check out the clip in question down below.

Source: theqoo