Mnet to debut EDM girl group through the biggest trainee competition program

After completing the broadcast of a pop and a hip-hop oriented competition trainee program, Mnet will be airing its very first EDM competition with their biggest group of trainees yet.

According to the latest report, the trainees chosen at the end of the program will be making their debut together as an EDM group.

Another change has been announced as well. Previously, it was revealed that only ten trainees will be chosen out of the massive 101 trainees to participate, but this number has been updated to 11.

One hundred and one female trainees will gather to participate in the year-long program and will come from several agencies in Korea, not including SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment who have opted out to participate.

Once the Top 11 trainees have been determined, the 11-member girl group will promote together temporarily under Mnet as an EDM group before returning to their own agencies to debut once again under their label whether it be as a solo act or in another group.

An official commented that debuting in Produce 101 as a trainee could prove to be very beneficial to the contestant as the public would become aware of their presence and thus, grow anticipation towards their debut in the future.

Titled Produce 101, the show will officially air following the end of Unpretty Rapstar 2, which is scheduled to make its premiere in September.

Though they have aired trainee programs such as Who Is Next: WIN, MIX & MATCH, NO.MERCY, and SIXTEEN alongside agencies YG Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and JYP EntertainmentProduce 101 will be the very first trainee and competitive program since Mnet debuted Superstar K, Show Me The Money, and Unpretty Rapstar.

Source: Ilgan Sports