Mnet Excludes Girls’ Generation From M! Countdown Voting

M! Countdown is receiving criticisms after excluding Girls’ Generation from next week’s pre-voting.

Girls’ Generation is expected to be a frontrunner for the show with their latest comeback “Holiday.” 

“Holiday” is Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary song, and is incredibly popular among fans. 

Although 40 groups were nominated for online pre-voting, Girls’ Generation was not among them. 

Voting continued from June 2 to 5. Online pre-vote is part of the preference points category that makes up 10% of the total score.

Score Breakdown: Digital Single Sales (50%), Album Sales (15%), Social Media Points (YouTube + SNS) (15%), Pre-Voting (10%), Mnet Broadcast Points (10%) and Live Votes (10%).

Groups who released songs both before and after Girls’ Generation have been nominated, causing fans to wonder why Girls’ Generation was not.

Previously, TWICE and SISTAR were excluded from M! Countdown pre-voting because they were ending promotions, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with  Girls’ Generation.

Fans are protesting that specifically excluding Girls’ Generation from pre-voting is unfair to the group, especially with all the tough competition right now.

Source: Mnet

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