Mnet Under Fire For “Copying” TREASURE’s Slogan For The Upcoming “I-LAND 2” Series

“It’s their brand identity…”

On September 27, Mnet and HYBE officially announced the start of I-LAND 2, which will form ENHYPEN‘s sister group. After the announcement was made, there was some backlash on social media. In particular, regarding the video teaser released ahead of the show.


When the video was first released showcasing details of the upcoming show, one of the first things netizens noticed was the tagline used in the clip and also as the thumbnail. During the video, the line “Find Your I” was shown, and many assume it is the tagline for the show, which is not uncommon.

Yet, after the video was released, netizens quickly flooded the comments of Mnet’s YouTube channel and social media, claiming it was “copying” the slogan of YG Entertainment group TREASURE. Since the group debuted, they have been known for their greeting, “Find your TREASURE.”

TREASURE’s greeting | TREASURE/ YouTube

Many TREASURE fans voiced their opinions on this matter, sharing their views on Mnet using this phrase for their new show.

In particular, TREASURE fans have been explaining that this phrase is the group’s brand and something they have built up since debuting. It has also been trademarked to the group because of its significance.

The “Find Your…” phrase is something that is used for the group’s endorsements, including the Find Your Korea series, TREASURE’s “Find Your Truz” character range, and much more.

Fans also shared the meaning behind the slogan, and in particular, referred to a quote from member Bang Yedam.

It means that we want to become something special in people’s everyday lives. If we can give them a sense of consolation or happiness through our music, or make them happy, then I think that’s the good influence that we’re spreading.

— Bang Yedam

It isn’t the first time that Mnet has been criticized for “copying” YG Entertainment. Recently, netizens have claimed that the Street Woman Fighter trophy resembles the WINNER lightstick, and the Kingdom trophy looked similar to BIGBANG‘s lightstick. Many have put it down to the alleged “beef” between Mnet and YG.

Neither Mnet nor HYBE has responded to these comments yet. You can see the whole trailer below.

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