Mnet Under Fire For Creating Special Content For Just One Dancer Of A “Street Woman Fighter” Eliminated Dance Crew

Warning: spoilers inside.

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The intense dancing competition Street Woman Fighter airs new episodes every Tuesday in South Korea, which means the newest episode has been released. And in a sad turn of events, the episode featured the first elimination of a dance crew within the series.

English poster for “Street Woman Fighter” | Mnet

In this episode, two of the dance crews were pitted against one another to compete and the two crews in question were none other than WAYB and Coca N Butter.

The rules were simple — the two crews would battle it out in 5 total rounds. The team who took the victory 3 of the 5 rounds would be allowed to stay on the show, while the other defeated team would be forced to go home.

Coca N Butter battling WAYB | Mnet

As WAYB and Coca N Butter battled it out against one another, Coca N Butter ultimately took the crown in a 3-0 victory — making WAYB the first dance crew to be eliminated.

“WAYB eliminated.”

This came as a big shock to viewers since WAYB has been one of the more popular dance crews on the season. Not only that, but WAYB dancer no:ze has quickly gone on to become one of the biggest breakout stars of Street Woman Fighter. With WAYB’s elimination, it meant that viewers would no longer get to see no:ze compete on the show.

Viral no:ze still from first episode of “Street Woman Fighter.”

And it seems like Mnet caught onto no:ze’s viral popularity because their recent decision has been creating quite a controversy amongst netizens. After WAYB’s heartbreaking elimination, no:ze was given the opportunity to share some words before the dance crew left the stage.

WAYB’s no:ze sharing her last words | Mnet

We worked really hard so instead of viewing it as taking home a defeat, we want to view it as something we achieved. I hope that everyone here continues to dance with a lot of joy.

— no:ze following WAYB’s elimination on “Street Woman Fighter”

As the dancer concluded her statement and allowed the overwhelming tears to fall, however, it was an odd caption placed by Mnet that started to create a negative buzz online.

Mnet’s updated caption, highlighted in red by Koreaboo for clarification.

The caption read, “there will be special content released about the leader of WAYB’s crew, no:ze on September 21 on the day of Chuseok. It will be released exclusively on TVING.”

Netizens could not believe their eyes and the unfolding events, as they shared their honest opinions regarding the “disrespectful” situation.

| theqoo
  • “No:ze seemed to really cherish her WAYB team members…it’s obvious that they’re doing this because no:ze is surprisingly popular so they’re hastily trying to make something work. It’s really disrespectful.”
  • “The elimination is one thing, but what the heck is this. It’s not a WAYB special but a no:ze special.”
  • “I don’t watch this program…but I didn’t understand the point of the elimination system.”
  • “If there’s an elimination process, WAYB’s elimination is just an obvious part of it, but the no:ze special is f*cking ridiculous.”
  • “It’s not a WAYB special but a no:ze special ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why did you make the elimination rule in the first place.”

No further details have been revealed regarding no:ze’s upcoming special. In the meantime, remember to keep up with Street Woman Fighter every Tuesday on Mnet.

Source: theqoo and WikiTree