MNET Issues Apology For “Street Man Fighter” Producers’ Inappropriate Comment About “Street Woman Fighter” Participants

They admitted the comment was a flawed generalization.

The production team of MNET’s dance battle show, Street Man Fighter, apologized for controversial comments made during the press conference for the show.

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To recall, Chief Producer Kwon Yeong Chan distinguished the new show from Street Woman Fighter by comparing the male and female participants of both shows to the detriment of the female participants. Netizens have voiced their indignation over the comments.

MNET released this statement in response.

Hello, this is Mnet.

We would like to apologize to those we’ve offended with the inappropriate comment made by production staff at Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” press conference.

We acknowledge that the staff’s comment goes entirely against the Mnet channel’s core value of creating content that is “Norm-Breaking New,” as well as the dance program’s production intention of “Growth Through Competition And Connection.” And Mnet feels deeply responsible for the comment coming from a flawed generalization.

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Man Fighter” programs have been created to provide the viewers with the beauty of dance through competitions and connections and to highlight the dancers by sharing their stories.

We promise we’ll do everything in our power not to let our viewers down anymore and to ensure that something like this does not happen again. We’re sincerely sorry, and we’re going to try harder to do better going forward.


Street Man Fighter started airing on August 23 and will air every Tuesday.



Source: Mnet side "Apologizes for inappropriate remarks of 'Sman', deep sense of responsibility" [Official]