Mnet “Kingdom” Boy Groups’ Logos Are Out – Check Out How Each Team Changed Their Logo To Add In A Crown

What’s your favorite?

Mnet‘s Kingdom features a total of 6 groups participating in friendly competition for the crown. The show is based off Queendom, which saw the rise of AOA, OH MY GIRL and (G)I-DLE amongst many more. It gives existing groups more exposure and a chance at greater success.

Kingdom‘s lineup released newly created logos specially made for the show. As the theme is royalty, as hinted by the name of the show, each group edited their existing logos to include a crown check out the new logos below!


BTOB’s simplistic double B logo was changed to include a simple crown made out of similar graphics.

| Mnet


ATEEZ added a flaming crown to their sleek logo.

| Mnet

3. SF9

SF9 kept things traditional with a classic crown that complimented the embellishments on the side.

| Mnet

4. Stray Kids

We love the meaning of this one! Stray Kids added a crown that may look like graffiti scribbles when you first look at it. However, if you turn the picture on its side, you can see that the crown is made out of the letters S, K and Z, which is shorthand for their group name.

| Mnet


THE BOYZ went a step further and gave themselves a whole globe and frame to fit the crown. Very aesthetic.

| Mnet

6. iKON

Last but not the least, iKON came up with a chic crown that suits the perfect symmetrical angles of their existing logo.

| Mnet

Which one of these logos did you like the best? Catch Kingdom on April 1, 2021 on Mnet!