International “Kingdom” Fans Slam Mnet For “Global Voting” Flaws

They claim that global voters are at a disadvantage.

International fans of Kingdom: Legendary War, Mnet‘s newest K-Pop competition show, are voicing their frustration, following an announcement about the evaluation criteria.

Logo: “Kingdom: Legendary War”

At a press conference held ahead of the premiere, Production Director Lee Young Joo revealed that the six competing groups will not be eliminated until the final stage. Instead, the winner will be determined after the groups’ rankings are determined at the end of the show. The criteria is as follows: global and domestic fan voting (40% of the points), peer evaluation (25%), expert voting (25%), and video score (10%).

At first, many international fans were thrilled to hear the news, but their joy quickly turned to disappointment. Many have pointed out that global viewers may be at a disadvantage for two reasons. One is a lack of subtitles.

| @muzzybin2/Twitter

In addition to this, some international fans are claiming that the global vote is “unfair” because they do not have access to the show in their countries.

| @muzzybin2/Twitter

At this time, it is unknown if these issues will be addressed and resolved.