Mnet To Launch New Show Where Girls Can Bet Money On Each Other’s Boyfriends — Who Can Sing Better?

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Mnet will be introducing a new program called MY BOYFRIEND IS BETTER starting in March where girls are able to bet on each other’s boyfriends trying to find out who can sing better.

According to Mnet’s official press release, MY BOYFRIEND IS BETTER will be a new style of music show, and will showcase a fierce battle between boyfriends and girlfriends. Five girlfriends who want to show off their boyfriends’ singing skills will appear, and each couple will have a set amount of money to bet with. The boyfriends will show off their singing skills in each mission, and there will be eliminations based on a vote conducted by a judging panel.

Before the start of the song, the girlfriends can bet as much of their money as they want on a boyfriend who they believe will pass to the next round. With their bet, they need to decide whether they will bet on their loved one, or if they will place their bet on someone else’s boyfriend that they think will survive to the next round. If the girlfriend bets correctly, they will receive their money back. The final winner will receive all of the money bet by the other couples.

MY BOYFRIEND IS BETTER will showcase both pure emotions and pride of a sincere singer as well as the rollercoaster of emotions between couples as they play mind games with each other and other couples. There is also the excitement of discovering new hidden gems.

Source: Newsen