Netizens Have Mixed Reactions After Mnet Announces The First 2023 “MAMA Awards” Performance Lineup

From rookies to veterans, the awards have already received a lot of backlash.

Mnet recently announced the first lineup of performers for this year’s MAMA Awards, but it has received mixed reactions from some netizens.

On October 24, Mnet started the road to the MAMA Awards by announcing the first lineup of performing artists. In particular, there were a lot of rookie groups announced…

One of the biggest announcements came when veteran group TVXQ! was announced.

The reason netizens couldn’t hide their excitement was that it was the first time they’d be performing in over a decade, with many pointing out that the event was called the KM Music Video Festival when they appeared in 2008.

Yet, while for most of it, netizens are happy with the first announcement, one group’s announcement has fans very angry at Mnet, and it’s ATEEZ.

Over the years, ATEEZ has always impressed netizens with their unreal performances at the event, and even idols have been shook by their talent and presence on stage, even after they had first debuted.



With so many iconic performances, it seems surprising that ATINY aren’t happy about the announcement, but it’s all because of the recent nominations. After Mnet announced the nominations for the upcoming event, ATINY couldn’t hide their anger when it was revealed the group hadn’t been nominated in the major categories.

In particular, the only category ATEEZ had nominated for was the “Worldwide Fan Choice,” which features 50 artists.

After the announcement, ATINY shared their anger at the fact that Mnet was once again using ATEEZ for views and clout but never acknowledged them when it came to awards.

There is always controversy surrounding the MAMA Awards. While netizens are happy to see both the veterans and rookies take the stage at the event, it’s not surprising that not everyone is happy.

You can read more about why ATINY are angry at Mnet below.

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