Mnet Names The Top 10 Most Popular Tracks of “Show Me The Money” of All Time

With the fifth season of Show Me The Money officially underway and airing, questions has been raised as to which track released by the show’s contestants was the most popular.

According to media portal OSEN, the most popular track was released in the previous season by WINNER‘s Song Mino “Fear” featuring BIGBANG‘s Taeyang. Since its release in August, the track immediately saw the top of online charts, peaking at #1 with over a million digital downloads. Song Mino had several top tracks during his appearance on Show Me The Money 4 with his track with Ja Mezz and Andup‘s “Turtle Ship” taking 4th place as the most popular, followed by his and Zico‘s “OKEY DOKEY” in 5th place.

iKON‘s Bobby, and Show Me The Money 3 winner on the other hand, ranks third with the most download with his track “YGGR#HipHop” with “Bounce” landing in 7th and “L4L” in eighth. Incredivle, Tablo and Jinusean‘s “Oppa’s Car” ranks 2nd with IRON’s “Malice” in 6th.

Source: OSEN