Mnet Apologizes After Arrest Warrants Issued For PRODUCE X 101 Producers

They made a statement about the warrants.

The police and prosecution have filed and issued arrest warrants for some of the producers of PRODUCE X 101. The news follows the investigations that revealed evidence of voting manipulation and obstruction of business.

PD Ahn Joon Young was among those who were issued an arrest warrant. The producers are scheduled to appear at the Seoul Central District Court for questioning later today.


With news of the arrest warrants, Mnet released a statement for the first time since July, when they revealed that they have asked the police to help investigate into the accusations.

Mnet first apologized for the recent scandal and vowed to “actively cooperate” with the investigations. They also claimed that they will make sure to “hold the responsible parties accountable with the result of the investigations.

We deeply apologize for causing a disturbance related to PRODUCE X 101.

Back near the end of July, Mnet judged that our investigation was limited in discovering the truth, so we requested a police investigation. As a result, arrest warrants were issued for some of the PRODUCE X 101 producers.

We once again deeply apologize to the viewers and fans who loved PRODUCE X 101, as well as the contestants as the management company.

We will actively cooperate with the investigations, and we will make sure to hold the responsible parties accountable with the result of the investigations.

However, please refrain from spreading speculative rumors about the artists related to this case.

— Mnet

Source: Yonhap