Mnet Releases Official Apology Statement And Delays IZ*ONE’s Comeback

Mnet confirms IZ*ONE’s comeback to be postponed.

Due to the recent controversy of Mnet PD Ahn Joon Young’s manipulation of votes for Produce 48, group IZ*ONE has confirmed their delay for their comeback.




Mnet stated, “We truly apologize for all the problems caused by the program. After reviewing viewers and fans’ opinions on the matter, we have decided to postpone IZ*ONE’s comeback originally set to release on November 11.”

“We are once again truly sorry to all the fans that have waited a long time for their comeback.”



They have also postponed the COMEBACK IZ*ONE BLOOM* IZ broadcast that was initially set to air on November 11 through Mnet and M2.




They also politely requested that no more rumors or unconfirmed news be released to prevent further victims from this incident.

Source: newsen