Mnet Reportedly Discussing Hosting 2021 MAMA In Hong Kong Despite Covid-19 Concerns

They’re looking into returning to Hong Kong for 2021 MAMA.

Mnet is reportedly in discussions to host 2021 MAMA in Hong Kong despite ongoing concerns over Covid-19.

According to an exclusive report from Ilgan Sports, Mnet has held discussions over the host location for 2021 MAMA, with Hong Kong being one of the potential options. Several agencies have mentioned that Hong Kong is a possible option for the awards ceremony.

Last years MAMA award ceremony was held in Korea due to Covid-19 concerns but this year, it is said they are seeking a foreign destination as a host due to the availability of vaccines. However, it is still not as simple as vaccinations, as there are still risks such as the Delta mutation and the threat of the industry being shut down if Covid-19 spreads rampant.

Several entertainment agency officials have already expressed their doubts about the possibility of 2021 MAMA being held overseas.

I don’t know who would take responsibility if there was a Covid-19 outbreak due to MAMA.

— Entertainment official

CJ ENM has asked its employees internally to not mention anything about Hong Kong since it is not confirmed yet.

Source: Ilgan Sports