Mnet Responds To Allegations Of Manipulating “Queendom 2” Scores

“We have confirmed that all data were accounted for…”

Mnet, in a released statement, denied all allegations that they manipulated the final scores for Queendom 2.

According to the statement, streaming scores were given in accordance with the number of streams on their official Queendom 2 playlist.

To listen to the various voices of K-Pop fans globally, we scored according to the streams on our official Queendom 2 playlist.

— Mnet

Mnet gave an account of how the streaming scores were tallied and implemented.

As we had publicly stated before, all streams were scored one listen per ID per day. All streaming data and scores were counted by the streaming service and were relayed to us. We have confirmed that all data were accounted for.

— Mnet

Queendom 2 aired its final episode on June 2, in which WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) were crowned as winners. Many netizens alleged there was a discrepancy in how the streaming scores were counted. The netizens pointed to Spotify scores that showed LOONA with the most streams.

Source: Maeil Economy