Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” Producer Addresses The Show’s Many Controversies And Says She Is Apologetic To BoA

The producer acknowledges the show could’ve done better.

The producer of Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter, Choi Jung Nam, met with news outlets where she addressed the show’s many controversies.

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The show has been maligned with one controversy after another, which include the alleged forced exit of a member that netizens allege was due to Mnet’s vested interest in crew Mbitious‘ success.

Mbitious Crew | Mnet

Another controversy that made news headlines was the judge’s decision to forfeit their vote after the battle between Prime Kingz member Trix and Bank Two Brothers’ J-Roc. Many felt Trix had won the battle decisively, but due to the judge’s forfeiting their votes, the battle was extended to a final round in which J-Roc was declared the victor.

The controversy over the judge’s decision led to criticism over Mnet’s handling of the issue. As audiences focused their anger toward BoA and the judges, many felt Mnet didn’t do enough to shield their judges and were hiding behind the judges.

Judges from left: Eunhyuk, BoA, Wooyoung | @boakwon/Instagram

On October 5, Choi Jung Nam was asked about the Prime Kingz controversy. When asked to speak on the criticism BoA received, Choi Jung Nam stated she felt sorry for the idol and that the show could’ve done a better job of helping audiences understand their decision.

I am sorry she was put in a difficult position while filming the show. Through this experience, we are looking into ways Mnet can help better shield them from malicious comments. I felt we had to do a better job of making audiences understand the judge’s decision. I feel we could have done a better job in showing how the judges came to their decision.

— Choi Jung Nam

The producer was then asked about the allegations that Mbitious crew member Kim Jung Woo was forced off the show. The allegations grew louder after the episode in which Kim Jung Woo revealed he would like to step down aired when the dancer then stated on his Instagram that he was allegedly forced off the show.

All of you guys know that I’m not the type to quit easily. That interview was forced.

— Kim Jung Woo

Choi Jung Nam stated that the dancer’s allegations were false and that the production team took no part in the dancer’s decision to leave.

As per the episode, he is currently taking time to reflect. As the youngest dancer on Mbitious, expectations were high, but he struggled to meet them. We respect the dancer’s decision. As for his social media post, he stated that he posted it due to immense pressure.

— Choi Jung Nam

When asked point blank if the production team took no part in the dancer’s decision to leave, the producer answered, “That is correct.”

Source: News1
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