Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” Caught Editing WANT’s Rozalin In A Bad Light

Another case of evil editing?

Mnet has always been criticized for its “evil editing” on reality shows. This time, many pointed out the fact that they were repeating their habits on Street Woman Fighter. Street Woman Fighter is Mnet’s current popular reality survival, where female dance crews battle it out.

Rozalin from WANT had recently been receiving negative comments after a previous episode of the show. She had been seen supposedly dissing YGX‘s Yell. A netizen pointed out that it had been edited by Mnet.

The comment reads clearly that at 1.35, Rozalin’s posture and position suddenly changed. It was not a gradual, natural change, but one that seemed like sloppy editing. The edited part came in between her two phrases, “It’s not to the level where I would” and “Want to be able to follow“.

Many accused Mnet of purposely cutting Rozalin’s sentences in her interview and piecing them together to create the incriminating statement, “It’s not to the level where I would want to be able to follow (Yell’s dancing)”.

What do you think of this revelation?

Source: Pann