MNH Entertainment Confirms 2 Of Chungha’s Staff Have Corona19 (COVID-19)

Chungha has tested negative.

After being suspected as the popular singer “A” in question, MNH Entertainment has just confirmed 2 of Chungha‘s staff have tested positive for Corona19 (COVID-19).

In a statement released on her fancafe, MNH Entertainment confirmed the news, as well as stated that Chungha tested negative for the virus.

Hello, this is MNH Entertainment.

Our artist, Chungha, returned to Korea on February 24 after finishing her schedule in Italy. One of the staff members who accompanied her on her shoot showed symptoms of a fever, and after being examined, was confirmed to have contracted Corona19.

Right after this, we requested self-isolation for Chungha and all of the staff that accompanied her on the trip, and conducted additional examinations. After those additional examinations, one more staff member tested positive for Corona19.

The other staff members all tested negative, and Chungha received her examination results on March 1, and also tested negative. Following the results of the examination and the request of the Korean Center for Disease Control, we will continue self-isolation.

For the sake of safety, all of Chungha’s planned schedules will be cancelled for the time being, and we will continue to take the best measures possible in dealing with this.

Thank you to all of the people who are working hard to overcome this virus, and we will work harder to protect our safety and health from Corona19.

— MNH Entertainment

In relation to MNH Entertainment’s announcement, 88Rising has already confirmed Chungha will not be attending Head in the Clouds at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Italy has seen a huge increase in the number of Corona19 cases in the past week, with 1,128 as of writing. This places it 3rd in the world, only behind China (79,824) and South Korea (3,526).

Source: Edaily