MOA Goes Viral For Creating Their Own TXT Lightstick After Not Being Able To Afford One

No money? No problem!

Being a K-Pop fan can get pretty expensive…

Not only do our ult groups sometimes release not just one album each year, but there are oftentimes repackages or a whole nother album altogether.

TXT’s Yeonjun (left) and Soobin (right) unboxing “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE.” | TOMORROW X TOGETHER OFFICIAL/YouTube

Not to mention merchandise from hoodies to keychains…

Of course, we can’t forget lightsticks, especially if we plan to go to a concert! We all want to be part of the sea of lights.

From left: TXT’s Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun at “The Show.” | SBS

Still, after already buying a ticket that can often cost quite a bit already, a lightstick investment feels like another dent to the wallet, which many cannot afford. In this case, you can expect to pay $30 to $60 USD for a TXT lightstick, a “MOA Bong.”

TXT lightstick | HYBE LABELS

Recently, a MOA decided they wanted a lightstick, but they recognized that they could not afford it. So, they created a solution to their problem by literally creating their own MOA Bong!

Yeonjnu holding TXT lightsticks.

The MOA in question is Mare (@.mare.11 on TikTok). Additionally, after sharing videos of their DIY MOA Bong, they went viral!

First, they created a design, and then they 3D-printed it. If you’re wondering how they could afford an expensive 3D printer and its supplies, their school provided everything as part of their pre-engineering class project.

Of course, it’s not just printed and done…

After it was printed, they had to take off all of its supporting materials. That in itself was a struggle.

Certainly, it’s no lightstick without the stick. Unfortunately, after underestimating its size, they had to do some sanding to make it work.

Finally, it was time for the light to the stick. This was when things got a bit technical.

This MOA proved their skills as they perfectly mounted it…

Even before being painted, it looked phenomenal! It’s unbelievable a student was able to replicate their fandom lightstick exactly.

Still, fellow MOAs were curious about the final final results. So, they were updated with a finale showing the detailed painting process.

Seeing it finished with both its light turned on with the exact colors for the logo, it’s beyond perfect. It’s no wonder their TikTok went viral.

The original video, released five days ago, garnered over 1 million views with 342.5K likes as of November 3, 2021. The second video, which was released earlier today, already has over 60.6K views. MOAs were stunned by the creativity and results!

| @.mare.11/TikTok
| @.mare.11/TikTok

It might be giving others some ideas… Perhaps we should all take an engineering class for free lightsticks!

| @.mare.11/TikTok
| @.mare.11/TikTok

We can’t help but applaud the creativity, skills, and effort in this MOA’s lightstick creation! Their followers are hoping that from this, they will continue a series of DIY lightstick recreations.

Watch the process below:


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