Here’s How MOA Used The “Discover MOA” Function On Their Lightstick To Locate Other Fans And TXT’s Soobin Loves It

This lightstick is worth every penny.

TXT had their first offline performance in awhile at the 2021 K-Pop in Suncheon Festival recently. During the concert, their lightsticks came in handy, in more ways than one.

When TXT’s lightstick for MOA first came out, many MOA wondered about the additional functions, especially the “Discover MOA” one. It was predicted that the function would not have much use. The “Discover MOA” function can be activated by the push of a button. This will result in the fanlight switching from its usual light blue and white light to a bright green one that blinks. Not only that, other lighsticks in the vicinity will also switch to the green light, allowing MOA to find one another.


A fan that had been in the audience decided to try it out for herself. As many concerts featuring more than one group do not have a designated group of seats for each fanclub, seatings are often randomized and you might end up next to people from other fandoms instead.

I was like, give me MOA, where are MOA and just clicked the button and thanks to the flashing lights, I was able to know where MOA were and felt an innate sense of closeness. The Discover MOA function is the best~ Sorry for joking around and saying it was a useless function~


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Another fan decided to try out the function during TXT’s last song.

Thanks to that, even the TXT members managed to find where their fans were. A fan asked the members to share some behind-the-scenes stories about the concert.

  • MOA: “Please share some behind-the-scenes stories about the Suncheon Concert!!”
  • Taehyun: “It was so cute how you guys used the Discover MOA function LOL”
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Another fan asked Soobin if they saw the Discover MOA being used.

  • MOA: “Soobin-ah, did you see the Discover MOA function??”
  • Soobin: “Thanks to the function, our MOAs were even more obvious to the eye. Everyone was tamely sitting and waving the lightsticks but suddenly it did a 180 and it started blinking in green collectively. LOL it was super funny.”
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The situation was adorably amusing even for us! Looks like there’s definitely more than one way to use your lightstick.

Source: theqoo