Model Ban Seo Jin Claims She Was Beat up by the CEO of Her Agency

She shared shocking photos of the aftermath.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

Model Ban Seo Jin recently shared photos of her face on social media, shocking fans with the claims that accompanied them.

Ban Seo Jin | @seojin_ban/Instagram

The photos show Ban Seo Jin looking severely battered, and she explained how it happened.

The model shared, “I’ve been working back and forth in Korea and China. I’m not very fluent in Chinese but I did my best to study, and I worked for a particular company with my trust in the CEO.

But Ban Seo Jin claimed that the attitude of the agency changed as soon as she signed the contract and that she got into a fight.

It’s true that I got mad at my CEO for things always going wrong. I was assaulted by the agency’s CEO.

— Ban Seo Jin

According to Ban Seo Jin, she reported the civil suit to the police and came to a deal with the CEO of the agency.

I told him this was a civil case and I wanted him to admit to his faults of assulting me to the police and come to an agreement. We came to an agreement because I didn’t want any money. I simply wanted him to admit to his faults.

— Ban Seo Jin

But Ban Seo Jin continued that things got worse after they came to an agreement.

After the agreement, the CEO’s attitude changed again. He wouldn’t acknowledge the assault anymore, and all he did was try to keep me tied down at the agency.

— Ban Seo Jin

Ban Seo Jin concluded that she is partly at fault for choosing such an agency and expressed that she doesn’t wish such a thing upon anyone.

It’s also my fault for picking an agency like this. I’m embarrassed and this is hard, but I’m posting this so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.

— Ban Seo Jin

Ban Seo Jin debuted back in 2008 with the girl group, Miracle, and gained attention for her outstanding visuals.

Source: Insight

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