Model Is Hit With Harsh Criticism After Posting A Video Of A Man Looking At Her Breasts

“You’re always selling your body, but…”

A popular model Yumi has gained criticism after posting a video of a man looking at her breasts.

Model Yumi | @yumibb8888/Instagram

Yumi is always sharing photos and videos of herself on social media, gathering attention from fans online. The model recently posted a video from an event she attended with the caption, “Argh, if you want to look, just look. Why do you have to get in the way?” 

In the video, the model was posing for the cameras when a man walked past and was obviously staring at her chest. When Yumi noticed what happened, she quickly put her hands on her chest as he continued walking.

When the post was shared, the model was hit with a lot of harsh criticism that seemingly blamed her for the attention she got and questioned her reaction to the man.




  • “She’s had so many plastic surgeries, I almost didn’t recognize her. I’m so jealous that she keeps going on trips; how do I make money like her?”
  • “I want to ask, what are you covering???”
  • “You’re afraid that rich people can’t see it, but poor people see it.”
  • “You’re dressed like that but afraid of people looking.”
  • “You’re always selling your body, but you’re still afraid of people looking?”
  • “If you’re married, please dress appropriately. That’s being respectful to your husband. If you’re not married, please also dress appropriately. That’s being respectful to yourself. If you’re selling yourself, please provide your price and service details. That’s being respectful to customers. If you’re not selling yourself but just wanting people to look at you, please dress even less. I can’t see it clearly. Thank you!”
  • “Your actions are the same as those that do similar things in gyms in the United States.”

It seems like despite Yumi just wearing clothes she likes, netizens are blaming her for the attention although she never directly expressed her anger about the situation, more about the man blocking her shot.

Source: @yumibb8888 and Insight
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