Model Han Hye Jin’s COVID-19 After Effects Are So Severe, She Can’t Run Like She Used To

It’s been over a month since she tested positive for the virus.

Model Han Hye Jin has a shocking update for all of her fans after recovering from her previous COVID-19 diagnosis. On a preview of the upcoming episode of SBS‘s Kick A Goal, the model shared with all of the viewers the current after effects that she still suffers from due to the coronavirus.

Model Han Hye Jin at the press conference for “Kick A Goal” | SBS

Kick A Goal is a variety program centered around female celebrities forming an amateur soccer team to play games with other teams in the league. And while the show is meant to be a fun and lighthearted way for these stars to try something new, Han Hye Jin recently shared a heartbreaking confession regarding her current situation.

During an interview portion of the show, Han Hye Jin tearfully confessed that she was still suffering from a major after affect following her COVID-19 recovery.

Han Hye Jin talking about her COVID-19 after effect on “Kick A Goal” | SBS

Only 60-70% of my breathing capability is back. Because of this, I am unable to run like I used to.

— Han Hye Jin

Previously, the model tested positive for COVID-19 back in mid July when the Korean entertainment industry began to see a second wave of the virus. Two weeks following her positive test result, it was reported that she was recovering well after testing negative. Almost a full month later, however, Han Hye Jin is still suffering from an after effect of COVID-19 due to the severity of the symptoms.

We hope that she is able to recover fully as time goes on.

Source: WikiTree