Model Han Hye Jin Reveals Her Worst Breakup Of All Time

The model tells all!

Model Han Hye Jin shocked viewers of her YouTube video when she revealed that she had an ex-boyfriend cheat on her.

Han Hye Jin | Joongang Ilbo

Han Hye Jin uploaded a Q&A video on October 25. In the video, the model answered some of the most pressing questions sent in by subscribers.

One of the questions asked Han Hye Jin about her worst breakup. The model cooly answered, stating there was no such thing as a “good” breakup.

Every breakup is the worst. There’s no such thing as a beautiful goodbye.

— Han Hye Jin

The model then stated that if she had to choose one, there was one that came to mind.

It has to be the time that I caught my then-boyfriend cheating. I think that has to be the worst breakup of all time. There was a time I broke up with my boyfriend because he cheated on me.

— Han Hye Jin

Han Hye Jin was asked what would be worse, a “transfer breakup,” where one’s partner leaves the relationship for another, or a “ghost breakup,” when your partner leaves you by completely ghosting you. Han Hye Jin chose “transfer breakup” as the worse of the two and gave her reason.

I think ignorance is bliss. Even “ghost breakups” are connected to “transfer breakups” because the reason someone ghosts you is because they found someone else.

— Han Hye Jin

The model did leave audiences with a caveat when she was asked when was her last breakup. Han Hye Jin, known for her cool and chic disposition, did not disappoint with her answer.

It’s more recent than you think.

— Han Hye Jin

Han Hye Jin is one of Korea’s most accomplished models, having walked for world-renown designers such as Celine, Bottega Venetta, and Chanel among others and premiered on New York Fashion Week for three years. The model has since made a successful transition to television, becoming one of the most popular TV personalities.

Source: Wikitree
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