The Moment In Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Final Episode That Was So Touching, Spectators Teared Up

Jo Jin Hyeong became everyone’s inspiration.

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Much to the disappointment of fans, Netflix‘s Physical: 100 aired its final episode yesterday. But on the bright side, the finale left many feeling suspense, excitement, nervous, and even sad!

One moment in particular that made everyone from at-home viewers to the ex-contestants tear up occurred during the second game. Olympic luge athlete Park Jin Yong, cyclist Jung Hae Min, CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong, and strongman Jo Jin Hyeong competed in “The Square Flip.”

Park Jin Yong | @parkjjinyong/Instagram

Jung Hae Min | @haegulland/Instagram

Woo Jin Yong | @jdsbx/Instagram

Jo Jin Hyeong | @rornfl82/Instagram

As its name suggests, the men were tasked with quickly flipping the square boards on the floor. They were grouped into two teams: Team Park Jin Yong-Jung Hae Min and Team Woo Jin Yong-Jo Jin Hyeong.

The luge athlete and cyclist ultimately won against the CrossFitter and strongman. Due to this, Woo Jin Yong and Jo Jin Hyeong went against each other to attain the remaining spot in the Top 3.

But it wasn’t a close competition. As someone whose speciality is strength, a game like square flip that required speed, stamina, and agility was Jo Jin Hyeong’s worst enemy—and he knew that. Not long after the individual match started, he showed obvious signs of exhaustion, missing many tiles and panting hard.

Everyone watching felt pity for him.

  • Park Jin Yong: Halfway through the match, it got too hard to watch Jin Hyeong struggling. I could hear his breathing from where I was standing. It was heartbreaking to watch him.
  • Ex-contestants: Oh, no. Listen to him panting. This game is too cruel. Goodness. Just end it now. Oh, man…

He was clearly the losing party. He even admitted in a later interview that he “didn’t want to do it” because he knew he wasn’t going to win. But the sole reason why he continued to give it his all is heartwarming; he wanted his son and wife to see that he refused to give up!

| @rornfl82/Instagram

| @rornfl82/Instagram

Ultimately, he wanted them to know that he isn’t a quitter, even if the odds are against him.

I really didn’t want to do it. I knew I’d lose and wanted to give up. But when my son and wife watch this later, I want them to see me not giving up until the end. So I didn’t give up and kept going.

— Jo Jin Hyeong

The moment the game ended, he collapsed on the floor, out of breath.

Several of the spectators had tears in their eyes. “He did well. My heart’s breaking,” they commented.

Jo Jin Hyeong may not have won, but his determination and love for family moved many people!

| @rornfl82/Instagram

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