Momo Shows Just How Powerful Her Love of Food is at Incheon International Airport

Momo + Food = Life

In an update to our last article on the subject, Momo was finally seen heading back to Japan on January 9 KST in order to take advantage of TWICE’s short vacation period, flying out of Incheon International Airport.

After not being seen heading home at the same time the rest of TWICE’s international line was, ONCEs were worried that something may prevent her from ultimately being with her family and close friends before the group’s break was over.

Thankfully, ONCEs breathed a sigh of relief seeing Momo at the airport, ready to head back home for the New Years holidays.

In a bit of a meme-worthy moment, Momo was seen having a vice-grip on a loaf of bread as she walked through the airport.

ONCEs found the moment humorous as Momo, who is known as being a big food lover, refused to let the loaf of bread out of her hands – even though she was struggling to hold onto her suitcase properly.

Some of ONCEs’ responses were just as humorous. Our favorites include:

  • “Momo is a living proof that food is life. Suddenly I want to eat bread too. “
  • “Food is lifeu”
  • “Momo n her food can’t be separated”

We’re glad Momo was able to finally head home, and we hope all of TWICE has a lovely break!

Source: Koreaboo