TWICE’s International Members Spotted Heading Back Home for Short Vacation

We’re so happy the girls got some time to see their family and friends back home!

TWICE was finally able to fit a small amount of downtime in the midst of their already busy schedule!

Tzuyu flying out of Incheon International Airport (2019/01/08)

Three of TWICE’s international members (Mina, Sana, and Tzuyu) were seen heading back to their respective home countries on January 8, 2019 (KST) for what is likely a short mini-vacation.

Mina flying out of Gimpo International Airport (2019/01/08)

Since the girls have a few days off before continuing to make the rounds for this season’s award circuit, TWICE’s non-Korean members probably wanted to have some quality time (and perhaps celebrate the new year) with their family and friends before things begin picking up again.

Sana flying out of Gimpo International Airport (2019/01/08)

Sana and Mina were both seen flying out of Gimpo International Airport (due to both needing to head back to the Kansai region of Japan), while Tzuyu was seen leaving Incheon International Airport heading back to Taiwan.

Since Momo (who is also from Japan’s Kansai region) was not seen leaving at the same time as Sana and Mina, it is currently unknown if she also plans to head back to Japan or not during TWICE’s small period of rest.

If we find any news about Momo also heading back to Japan, we’ll keep you updated!

Source: Newsen, Stark TV and @misayeon