MOMOLAND’s Agency To Debut New Boy Group In Korea, Japan, & The US—Get To Know T1419

They’re going global from day 1.

Four years after MLD Entertainment debuted its first group, MOMOLAND, the agency is getting ready to add a boy group to the mix: T1419.

A few months ago, MLD Entertainment announced that they’ll be launching a new boy group to debut simultaneously in South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Working in partnership with NHN, Sony Music, and ICM, the agency was initially planning to unveil the group’s debut in December.

| MLD Entertainment

At the end of October, T1419 released pre-debut song “Dracula”, revealing their edgy and unique concept. To date, the music video has accumulated almost 7 million views on YouTube.

Now, they’re finally getting ready to make their full debut. Slightly delayed from MLD Entertainment’s initial estimates, T1419 will debut on January 11, 2021.

| MLD Entertainment

Eager to see more of the group before they debut? Check out SBS Gayo Daejeon on Christmas day, where T1419 will be performing a special stage with sunbaenims MOMOLAND. Until then, read on to learn more about each member.


20-year-old Noa (real name Song Yu Bin) is the leader of T1419 and part of the rap and vocal lines.

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Noa’s favorite foods include chocolate cereal and mint.


19-year-old Sian (real name Choi Chang Min) is one of T1419’s main vocalist.

| MLD Entertainment

When it comes to the mint chocolate debate, Sian is a lover, not a hater.


19-year-old Kevin (real name Baek Seung Bin) is the second main vocalist in T1419.

| MLD Entertainment

Alongside Kevin’s idol skills, he’s also a talented competitive fencer.


18-year-old On (real name Choi Ju Hwan) is one of the visuals of T1419 and part of the vocal and rap lines.

| MLD Entertainment

On’s role model is BTS‘s Jungkook, and he likes to check his fortune every morning.


18-year-old Gunwoo (real name Kim Gun Woo) is part of T1419’s rap line.

| MLD Entertainment

Gunwoo is a talented pianist, and his role model is Hyunjin from Stray Kids.


18-year-old Leo (real name Reio Hayase) is a rapper in T1419.

Leo is one of the group’s Japanese members, and he’s known to be the bravest in the group.


17-year-old Zero (real name Nasukawa Shota) is one of the visuals of T1419 and part of the vocal and rap lines.

Another Japanese member, Zero used to play football as a child, and he’s a fan of BIGBANG.


17-year-old Kairi (real name Imai Kairi) is part of the T1419 vocal line.

Kairi is also from Japan, and some of his favorite things include cats, the color pink, and macarons.


16-year-old Kio (real name Udo Musashi) is the maknae of T1419 and part of the rap and vocal lines.

In 10 years, the final Japanese member of the group aspires to become the new CEO of his agency, MLD Entertainment.


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