MOMOLAND JooE Admits She Auditioned For Many Agencies… But Never Dared To Audition For SM

JooE proves she’s a comedy genius.

MOMOLAND‘s JooE opened up about her audition process and showed off her awesome comedy skills on an episode of Radio Star. It all started when host Kim Gu Ra asked how many companies JooE auditioned for.

“Did you audition for a lot of companies?”


JooE did not hold any punches and answered honestly.

“I auditioned for A LOT of companies!”


Trying to pin down exactly which companies she auditioned for, Kim Gu Ra asked if she auditioned for the big companies like S.M. Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. He got a bit of an unexpected answer from the idol.

“For SM, I decided not to even try.”


Her answer sent a wave of laughter around the studio!


Prompting another host, Yoon Jong Shin, to joke around with her.

“I’m not their style.”


His joke set off another round of laughter.


But JooE had everyone roaring with laughter with her quick-witted comeback.



Fans are loving that she showed her awesome personality and are dubbing her cute for her clever responses!

Source: Instiz