MOMOLAND JooE’s Shocking Weight Loss Diet Plan Receives Mixed Reaction

Some people believe it’s not enough food.

MOMOLAND‘s JooE recently revealed her specific meal plan for weight loss on a new episode of KBS Joy’s Ssul-vival.

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However, the strict regimen she explained has fans wondering if she’s eating enough.

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She shared that after losing a lot of weight, food is the biggest temptation she must resist in order to avoid having a yo-yo effect on her weight.

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Despite having already lost weight, she’s still on a diet and reveals she still feels “greedy” to lose more.

“JooE who recently lost a lot of weight.” | KBS Joy

She also revealed the exact portions and types of food she eats for each meal.

I eat two cucumbers, 400 grams of chicken breast or 200 grams of beef, and one or two apples a day.

— JooE

“JooE’s diet menu.” | KBS Joy

Totaling around 1000 calories, this diet is not recommended for most people (Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is upwards of 2,000 calories). Some fans believe she’s doing what works for her while others think eating more would be beneficial to her overall health.

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JooE also previously revealed that she recommends intermittent fasting to help with weight loss where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.

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