MOMOLAND JooE Was Underfire For Allegedly Being A Bully, But The Truth Was Finally Revealed

“There are no victims because she was never a bully.”

After allegations of JooE’s past of being a school bully surfaced online, her agency along with friends have come forward with the truth.

Her agency made a firm statement saying the accusations were completely false and that anyone spreading malicious rumors will be swiftly dealt with defamation lawsuits.

Not only did her agency step up, but JooE’s close friends have also stepped forward to defend JooE.

JooE back in high school with close friends.

According to her close friends, JooE was not a bully but rather the one accusing JooE was the bully.

One of her friends made a lengthy statement to defend her once and for all since the rumors kept spreading.

“Since the accusations were so farfetched and so out there, I was going to stay quiet. However, things have become bigger and I feel like I have to say something.

I am a friend of JooE and I still keep in touch with her. We’ve been friends since Middle School.

If the accusations were true, I would have known.

There is zero truth behind those accusations. The reason why victims of her apparent bullying past aren’t coming forward is that it’s false.

There are no victims because she was never a bully.”

— JooE’s Friend

She later put her crosshairs on the original poster of the bullying accusations.

“I don’t understand why she [the accuser] is saying that she’s a victim of JooE’s bullying scandal.

She was actually the bully who got in trouble constantly for her bullying. She even bullied me.”

— JooE’s Friend

JooE’s friend explains that the accuser actually shouted offensive insults at her all the time.

JooE back in high school with a close friend.

She would insult her looks and even sexually harass her by undoing her bra, once again attacking her physical traits with insults.

To add to JooE’s story, another student came forward and said he was a friend of both JooE and the other friend. He said that everything JooE’s friend was saying was true.

Her brother has also spoken up against his sister’s haters.

Source: insight