MOMOLAND’s JooE Is Unrecognizable In Newly Uploaded Photos

Teach us your ways!

MOMOLAND‘s JooE is turning heads with her drastically different visuals!

JooE has been consistent with her Instagram selfie uploads as of late, allowing her fans to stay updated with her life. While JooE has always been beautiful, fans have noticed that the MOMOLAND member has been becoming even more beautiful with each upload. Prior to her Instagram selfies, this is the JooE that we have all come to know and love. Her bright hair matched her even brighter personality, something that would eventually become her signature mark.

In her newer Instagram photos, however, fans started to notice that her visuals have drastically changed. The bright hair has been replaced with a darker color and she changed up her hairstyle by adding full bangs. Her new hair in addition to the subtle, but girly makeup heightened the differences in her image even more.

| @j_oo.e_0en/Instagram

In her most recently uploaded photos, JooE, who is usually known for her spunky personality did a 180° turn with a concept that was completely new for the girl group member. The aesthetic and the mood of the photos are visibly somber, which is different from the JooE that we are all used to.

| @j_oo.e_0en/Instagram

With her full bangs, dark straight hair and moody ambiance, the “BAM” singer looks completely unrecognizable!

| @j_oo.e_0en/Instagram

We love that the MOMOLAND member is trying new things with her image because now we know that she can pull anything off. How does she do it?

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