This Female Idol’s Birth Name Is “Seungri”, So She Reportedly Changed Her Name Completely

Her Korean name is “Lee Seungri”.

MOMOLAND Nancy‘s full legal name is Nancy Jowel McDonie, but her Korean name is Lee Seungri. In Korean, she took the last name of her Korean mother whose maiden name is Lee.


Lee Seungri sounds very similar to BIGBANG Seungri’s name as his last name is also Lee. Seungri’s birth name is Lee Seung Hyun.


As the recent scandals cast a bad image on the name Seungri, Nancy reportedly changed her Korean name. News sources claim her new name is Lee Geuru (이그루).


Nancy recently uploaded a series of photos on MOMOLAND’s official Instagram with the hashtag #Geuru (#그루).


MOMOLAND members traditionally put their names in hashtags at the beginning of their captions to indicate who uploaded the post.


Nancy used to write #Nany (#내니) as her name in her older posts.


As Nancy began writing #Geuru on her newer posts, news reports and fans believed she changed her name.


However, MLD Entertainment clarified that Nancy hasn’t changed her Korean name. She’s still Lee Seungri in Korean, and Gueru is just a nickname that she’s had for a long time!

“There’s no need for MOMOLAND’s Nancy to change her name. Nancy’s Korean name is still Lee Seungri. ‘Gueru’ isn’t a name change but a nickname she’s always had.”

— MLD Entertainment

Source: SBS and MK Sports