MOMOLAND’s Nancy Is Victim To A Hidden Camera Attack By Her Own Staff Member, Agency Promises Strict Legal Action

They promised strict legal action.

MOMOLAND‘s Nancy has become a victim of a hidden camera attack carried out by her own agency’s staff member, and fans are furious. It was revealed by MLD Entertainment that the pictures that circulated were photoshopped.

Recently, photoshopped hidden camera photographs of Nancy spread through social media. The photographs were allegedly taken by a MLD Entertainment staff member while Nancy was changing outfits while hosting the 2019 Asia Artist Awards, and it is unknown whether that staff member is still employed by the agency.

15 months later, the photographs were allegedly shared through a discord server with over 500 members, which then spilled over to social media.

MLD Entertainment has released their statement on the matter, promising strong legal action against both the person who took the picture and those who spread the photo further.

This is MLD Entertainment.

Recently, illegally manipulated photos related to Nancy, who  is our agency’s artist, have been spreading online and through social media.

Nancy is a victim of a hidden camera picture that was subsequently photoshopped. The priority for protection here is Nancy. Please cooperate with us.

We would like to inform everyone that we will take strong legal action against the illegal photographer and the primary spreads in cooperation with the police and overseas law enforcement agencies. Through our legal representatives, civil and criminal penalties due to violation of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes and violation of the Information and Communications Act will be carried out.

Nancy is currently suffering from a great amount of mental distress. We earnestly ask of you. We hope there will be no more malicious posts related to our artist.

We will continue to make every effort to protect our artists from further damage through continuous monitoring. We will also continue to take strong legal action with no leniency or settlement.

Thank you for always loving and supporting our artists. We will continue to do our best to protect them.

— MLD Entertainment

The organizing committee for the Asia Artist Awards, where the illegal filming took place, also released a statement vowing to take legal action against the perpetrators.

Hello, this is the organizing committee for the Asia Artist Awards.

Recently, illegally manipulated photos related to Nancy, who was the MC of the 2019 Asia Artist Awards in Vietnam, have been circulating online and through social media, and we are deeply regretful of that fact.

The organizing committee would like to apologize to Nancy, the victim of such pictures and fabrications.

We will actively cooperate with the Vietnamese and Korean law enforcement authorities to take strict legal action on the person who took the pictures and the people who first spread them.

In addition, we will also work with MLD Entertainment to continue to monitor the situation and work together on both civil and criminal legal action related to any malicious postings to try and prevent further damage.

We are sorry for causing something unpleasant to the fans who love Nancy, and please continue to send her your support.

— Asia Artist Awards

Source: Star News

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