MOMOLAND’s Nayoon Shares The Group’s Diet To Lose Weight – 5 Other Idols Who Did This Too

Not the healthiest, but one of the fastest tricks in the book.

In a recent interview with bnt magazine, MOMOLAND‘s Nayoon shared how the visual group manages to stay trim! According to her, MOMOLAND as a whole loves food and eating, to the point where Nayoon wants to try out a mukbang content for their YouTube channel some time. However, during times where they need to manage their diet and bodies, the members often do a one-meal-a-day diet plan, and have the habit of weighing themselves every morning.

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The one-meal-a-day diet is a common tactic used in K-Pop. While it can be beneficial and like intermittent fasting for some, one needs to make sure to take in the right amount of food and nutrition in that one meal. It can also lead to potential health risks such as gastric problems. Despite this, as idols often are required to maintain a certain weight, here’s 5 more idols that have attempted this diet.

1. Former After School’s UEE

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UEE previously announced on I Live Alone that she had been doing this diet for the past eight years. Hurt by comments about her belly fat during her initial days of promotions as a singer, she strived to get rid of the extra pounds. She is known to take in a nutritional meal consisting of grains, protein, healthy fats and vegetables in that one meal, and may sometimes substitute the other meals in the day with a grain drink.

2. Former SISTAR’s Soyou

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Soyou is known for her slim body and her dedication to the gym. During the height of her fitness popularity, she only ate 4 quail eggs and half a cup of milk in a day. She even went to the gym on top of this!

3. EXO’s Xiumin

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One of the more extreme diets in this list, Xiumin reportedly ate only once every two days and survived on iced americano or coffee, which has very little to no calories. He did this to lose his cheek fats during the iconic “Growl” era.

4. Former SISTAR’s Dasom

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While it is not specified what she ate during this period, Dasom recently shared on 1 vs. 100 that during her SISTAR days, she once only ate one meal a day around 4pm to remain slim. Dasom has been known for her various diets throughout her trajectory, including her infamous one-food cucumber and apple diets.

5. EXID’s Hani

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Hani revealed that after her fame from the “Up & Down” fancam took off, she began worrying that she was too fat, and she took on the one-meal-a-day diet. Even though she lost 9kg through this method, she doesn’t recommend limiting the calories severely as it can cause damage to your skin.

Everything in moderation, we say! Even as you wish to make some changes to your sedentary lifestyle at home during quarantine, do it in the best and healthiest method!

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