MOMOLAND’s Stylist Criticized For Making Yeonwoo Wear Shorts That Are Way Too Small

She had red marks on her stomach from the shorts.

MOMOLAND‘s Yeonwoo posed in front of the photo wall with her members for M Countdown‘s rehearsal.


But as she entered the photo zone, fans began noticing that her shorts seemed tight on her.


As she posed, the camera caught sight of red marks on her stomach that proved that the shorts were straining and pushing into her skin.


Although Yeonwoo boasts a lean, fit figure, the button appeared to be close to popping.


Fans were disappointed that the stylist had gotten Yeonwoo shorts that were way too small for her. It appeared the stylist thought tighter the better.


Fans and netizens alike left comments criticizing the stylist, demanding that they begin dressing their idols in comfortable clothes. They also claimed that Yeonwoo would have looked prettier and more comfortable if she had worn shorts that were her size.


Despite having to fit into a teeny tiny pair of shorts, Yeonwoo looked radiant as always!


No matter if the shorts were straining or not, Yeonwoo never lost her bright personality for the fans!

Source: Newsen