MOMOLAND Was Worried For The Worst If “Bboom Bboom” Didn’t Do Well

MOMOLAND members discussed what led the group to its incredible success.

In a recent interview, MOMOLAND discussed the group’s success since the promotion of its mega hit song “Bboom Bboom”.


But they weren’t always sure of their success. MOMOLAND members shared honest answers about their immense growth since debuting in 2016.

JooE who went abroad for a TV program shoot and Nayun who was hospitalized for a fever.


Yeonwoo claimed when the group first released “Bboom Bboom”, the members were deeply worried about what would happen if it didn’t succeed.

“We were really worried before returning to stage with “Bboom Bboom”. We couldn’t help but think, “What if the song doesn’t do well?” or “What if everything turns for the worst?” And that turned into desperation.” — Yeonwoo


But thankfully the song soared to the top of the charts! She shared deep appreciation towards the fans who recognized the group’s hard work and supported the members.

I feel like our success came from us working hard because of that earnest desire to do well and fans noticing it.” — Yeonwoo


The catchy track earned over 93 million views on its official music video and has won this group 7 trophies on music programs! Members thanked JooE and Yeonwoo for playing a key role in promoting the group and the song.

“When JooE was captured on Yeonwoo’s fan cam, and both of them went viral, that really helped getting our name out there. JooE has always been such a talented girl. She simply never had the chance to show it anywhere. We knew she’d be a great hit someday.” — MOMOLAND


Taeha, who is JYJ‘s Junsu‘s cousin, mentioned her relation to another K-Pop star also helped with promoting herself and the group.

“I met Junsu who’s actually in the military right now. He told me that MOMOLAND is extremely popular among soldiers… I remember him trying to stop me from training in elementary school, saying I can start when I’m in middle school. I’m grateful for Junsu, but I feel bad when people leave malicious comments about Junsu because he’s related to me.” — Taeha


Thanks to the hike in their popularity, MOMOLAND will be debuting in Japan this coming June. Though the group faced some controversy like plagiarism and chart manipulation allegations, MOMOLAND continues to remain a rising super star team.

“I think we’re still rookies. We find so much value in each of the fans who recognize our faces and our songs.” — Ahin


MOMOLAND looks forward to continuing the success as a group, eventually leading up to hold a concert of its own.

“We’ve done collaboration performances for the year-end music festivals, but we’ve never done any on our own. We’d love to accomplish that dream soon, too.” — MOMOLAND

Source: Dispatch