Former Momoland’s Yeonwoo Faces Harassment From Sasaeng Fans

It was so bad, she wanted to move houses.

The issue of sasaeng fans have long plagued the K-Pop industry. From stalking to waiting in front of celebrities’ houses, these “fans” are often seen as a blight on the reputation of regular fans. Former Momoland‘s Yeonwoo, recently posted about a terrifying incident on her personal Instagram.

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It started when she posted her first post, telling the sasaeng that was hanging around outside her house to go home. However, the move backfired when the sasaeng simply started sending her creepy and threatening DMs.

  • “You can just shake like that then go.”
  • “Aren’t you feeling at peace?”
  • “Good”
  • “If you’re home, come out after an hour.”
  • “If you don’t make it to the place from last time by 11, I’m going~”
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Yeonwoo cleverly posted a screenshot of the messages she had received and claimed she would report the sasaeng to the police if he did not leave. In the end, as many fans were worried about her safety, Yeonwoo turned on an Instagram live to update viewers about the situation.

| @chloelxxlxx/Instagram

During the live, Yeonwoo shared that she was considering moving houses due to the potential dangers even. However, the situation thankfully concluded when the sasaeng apologized through messages and Yeonwoo has since deleted the posts.

Thank God she’s safe! Yeonwoo is currently active as an actress and recently had a supporting role in Alice.


Source: Star Today and Style M