MOMOLAND’s Ahin Calls Out Haters For Sending Her Malicious Comments About Her and Her Group

She called them out publicly.

MOMOLAND‘s Ahin has called out haters on her personal Instagram, after they have continued to send her hate comments about her, MOMOLAND, and their concept.

A series of posts have gone viral on social media after Merries posted Ahin’s comments directed towards the group’s haters. She posted on her Instagram story, pleading for antis to stop sending her rude messages that involved herself, MOMOLAND, and the group’s concept.

She also showcased a rude message she received from an anti when she opened her Instagram stories for an impromptu Q&A session.

She also left a message to a comment left on one of her posts. One user left a comment attacking MOMOLAND’s concept and choreography, and Ahin handled the negative comment like a pro.

She just recently left another message on her Instagram story, thanking fans for all of the positive comments she received from fans all around the world.