A Lucky Monbebe Gets Noticed By MONSTA X Not Once, But Twice – Once, For Wearing Their Logo On National Television

We all want to be her.

Ever thought you’re the luckiest Monbebe on earth? Well you’re probably not because you’re not @orphxns. The lucky young fan was noticed by MONSTA X not once, but twice! And in the biggest way ever. The boys looked for her first!

| Starship Entertainment

After a snapshot of a CSAT test taker appeared on national television, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the student was wearing a puffer jacket with a MONSTA X logo on it. As the photo made rounds online, the boys took note of it as well.

| @orphxns/Twitter

Kihyun started it off by posting about it via their official fan community board, writing “We’re looking for the Monbebe that wore a puffer jacket with a MONSTA X logo even to take the CSATS… how very cute…

| @orphxns/Twitter

The Monbebe must have fainted because I.M followed up with “crazy, I’ll give you a bbobbo (peck)”, while Hyungwon finished it off with lip emojis.

The Monbebe in question posted the following proof that it was her on her Twitter.

| @orphxns/Twitter

She also further revealed that this was not the first time the boys have noticed her! Just last year, she ran into them at a cafe and gave them a small gift. Former member Wonho had posted a photo of the gift with the following post.

| @orphxns/Twitter

I went to drink coffee with the kids after eating and this is a gift that an anonymous Monbebe gave us before leaving. What do you mean we’re precious to you… what do you mean you couldn’t act like she knew us… You just put the gift on the table without looking at us and quickly left…

— Wonho

Don’t we all want to be her now? What a lucky fan!