MONBEBEs Believe MONSTA X’s Kihyun And Wonho’s Comebacks Are Connected

We are living for these OT7 crumbs!

MONBEBEs (fans of MONSTA X) are noticing similarities between MONSTA X’s Kihyun and Wonho‘s upcoming comebacks.

Kihyun (left) and Wonho (right)

Both Kihyun and Wonho recently announced their comebacks.

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Wonho will release his second single album Bittersweet on October 14 at 1 PM (KST). He has previously released mini albums Love Synonym #1: Right for Me, Love Synonym #2: Right For Us, Blue Letter, FACADE, and his first single album OBSESSION. 

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Likewise, Kihyun will release his first mini album Youth on October 24 at 6 PM (KST). Previously, he released his debut single album Voyager.

Naturally, MONBEBEs are very excited that both of them will be making comebacks in the same month.

Fans also suspect that it’s both Kihyun and Wonho’s last comebacks before their mandatory military enlistments. Hence, the bittersweet titles (pun intended?) and references to one’s journey.

Wonho’s current Instagram bio says it’s “the last stop of one’s journey,” while Kihyun’s promotional images read, “THE 2ND JOURNEY.” This is only one of many connections MONBEBEs have found between the two’s comebacks.

Both of their album previews contained imagery from playgrounds. Specifically, equipment that appears to be connected pieces, such as monkey bars, appears.

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Not only that, but even their respective artist logos are reminiscent of one another. Similarly, they are white on black and like connected pieces, along with their names on the bottom.

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Additionally, both Kihyun and Wonho use bubbles in their concepts and images for their respective comebacks.

Even their color schemes are identical. So, MONBEBEs can’t help but feel like they are connected somehow.

Some are creating fanart combining the two, and they truly work so well together.

With all the similarities in Kihyun and Wonho’s comebacks, MONBEBEs are hopeful more than ever that the two can meet again.

We hope this isn’t a dream but reality soon!

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