MONBEBEs Are Already Shook By I.M’s “Duality”

I.M couldn’t have given his album a more appropriate title.

MONBEBEs haven’t even had a chance to catch a breath after the release of the music video teaser for “God Damn.” Now, Starship Entertainment and MONSTA X‘s I.M have posted the preview for his solo album Duality, causing fans to freak out over the new songs.

The dark aesthetic and sensual lyrics have us all excited to see I.M’s growing maturity as an artist.

With each song having its own unique vibe, it is obvious that Duality is appropriately titled.

However, we can’t help but question if it’s named Duality for more than just that one reason. 🤔

From just the quick snippets played in the album’s preview video, I think we can all agree that it’s already clear that this album has no skips. We can’t wait to hear more when it’s released on February 19!

You can watch the full preview video below.

Source: Starship Entertainment/YouTube


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