MONBEBEs Are Not Giving Up On Wonho As Protests Continue To Bring Him Back

They have started to trend another hashtag for Wonho.

MONBEBEs have started another event to trend the hashtags #WESUPPORTWONHO and #모든_것을_이겨라 (we will win over everything). They hope to trend these hashtags for the next 12 hours to support Wonho.

With the start of this event, fans have flooded Twitter with messages supporting Wonho, revealing how much they missed him.



Fans are continuing to support Wonho in hopes to bring him back to MONSTA X.









Fans are currently counting the days of the protest to see how long it will take to bring Wonho back.









Jung Da Eun recently accused Wonho of stealing, owing her money, and illegally smoking marijuana with her. Starship Entertainment later announced that Wonho will be leaving MONSTA X. Fans have been continuing protests to bring back Wonho.


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